Tightly-Coupled Storage & Computing
    Our innovative design tightly couples storage and computing in the same unit. Run computations directly on storage nodes to eliminate bottlenecks, maximize throughput and achieve amazing speed.
    Extremely Fast
    Using real-world test conditions, our products achieved Best Performance in 5 of 17 STAC benchmarks, fastest response in NBBO benchmarks, and 2x the previous MKTSNAP performance.
    Exceptional Scalability
    Our software-defined storage and compute solutions provide seamless plug-and-play stacking for exceptional performance density. Scale up or down as you need.
    Designed by Experts
    We know how to custom-build solutions from the ground up to maximize the speed, efficiency and reliability of your existing network—at an affordable price.
    Seamless Integration
    Scalable’s products work with all networking protocols and technologies and can be easily adapted to any type of infrastructure, so there’s no “bricking” or vendor lock-in.

    In this video from SC13, Joe Landman describes the company’s array of innovative storage devices for high performance data analysis.

    Recent Video

    See the video on Scalable Informatics’ record benchmark I/O performance on STAC-M3 at ISC.

    Simple to Install & Manage
    Our storage and compute solutions can be supported in-house by your own IT team, should you desire. We also offer extensive support services.