Time Series Analytics Appliance

Handle billions of events and trillions of queries using Cadence Time Series Analytics Appliance.

This platform is architected and optimized to handle complex streams of data without hestitation. Cadence is the system used by many businesses to analyze the largest financial markets in the world—in real time. When microseconds count, FastPath Cadence delivers record-setting performance.

Cadence set new records on STAC Industry Benchmarks:

  • 40% faster in high-bid search
  • 30% faster in daily VWAB test
  • 20% faster in volume curves
  • Fastest in bytes read per second

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Focused on Low Latency

The record holder for STAC-M™ Benchmarks, the Cadence platform is tuned from the application to the firmware for low latency at scale. Transaction volume won’t slow you down when running appliances from Scalable Informatics.

No Bottlenecks Architecture
Simultaneous update, query and complex logic tax every part of the platform. Scalable Informatics models the entire system, from the application to the network drivers to eliminate bottlenecks and deliver a balanced platform that outperforms larger systems.

Experience Counts
The most demanding companies in the world already count on Scalable Informatics to deliver high-performance solutions, including Lucera, the first low-latency trading cloud platform.

Simply Faster
Cadence is an integrated platform ready for the the most demanding data:
Proven and ready to deploy.

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Capture all the Events

Purpose built for event capture, the Cadence Time Series Analytics appliance is tuned for no waiting. Tightly-coupled software, hardware and firmware eliminate bottlenecks so every event is recorded and analyzed.

Extreme IO
Cadence’s extreme I/O performance set 10 new records on the STAC-M3™ benchmarks , and demonstrates the platform’s ability to overcome the barriers that overtax many systems currently on the market. Now you, too, can analyze any event stream on the platform used by the largest financial markets in the world.

Time Series Database
Time Series Databases are optimized for event tracking and analysis. Whether it is stock information, system events, or sensor data, Kx Systems® kdb+® can handle it. Scalable Informatics delivers the system pre-installed and ready for your data.

The STAC Benchmarks
Review the benchmarks that Cadence set via the green button.

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A Purpose-Built Database

Scalable Informatics recommends Kx Systems’s kdb+ because it is the leading Time Series Analytics Database. Used everywhere to track and analyze stock information, it is equally capable of supporting events of any kind.

Kdb+ supports analysis and monitoring of both real-time and historical data on a single platform. This means not only the analysis of billions of real-time events, but also fast access to terabytes of historical data through the product’s expressive query language, q.

As an option, Kx Systems›s kdb+, will be installed on any Cadence appliance. Scalable Informatics will provide ongoing updates to kdb+ to ensure ease of use and best-in-class performance.

Expert installation and configuration will get you working faster. Simply apply your license keys, update, and you’ll be ready to handle your most challenging workloads.


Performance on Demand

Choose the configuration that provides the high-speed write and read abilities, or optimized for large data sets.

Cadence Time Series Appliances is available in three models:

  • Cadence Disk: Amazingly fast for an all-disk solution, Cadence Disk delivers $/GB efficiencies.
  • Cadence Flash: All-flash configuration for the fastest performance



Cadence Flash Cadence Disk
Form Factor 2U rack unit 4U rack unit 2U rack unit 4U rack unit
CPU 8–36 Intel "Haswell" CPU cores
RAM Up to 1 TB
Capacity 6–64 TB 12–120 TB 18–144 TB 48–384 TB
Large-Memory Option Supports up to 256 TB
in single shared address space
Network Connectivity 2x 1GbE, 2x 40GbE / InfiniBand FDR/EDR, 0-2x 100GbE
Supported Databases Kx kdb+ McObject eXtremeDB InfluxDB
Warranty 3-years (standard)
Support Options Remote support Next business day support Onsite depot kit


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Time Series Analytics Appliance



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