Cost-Optimized Storage

The Delta-V storage target from Scalable informatics is designed to succeed in circumstances where performance is mandatory, but cost containment is critical. Deploy sizable storage systems or storage cluster configurations that scale to many petabytes, with costs per GB that decrease with increased capacity.

The combination of low cost and high performance enables customers to increase productivity without breaking the bank.:

  • Multiple configurations
  • Up to 240TB per system
  • Flexible Storage Target: File or Block
  • Scale-out Storage: Lustre, Gluster, Ceph, FhGFS
  • Pre-installed with your choice of OS

Choose Delta-V storage servers as your back-up target with multiple configurations to support high-speed networking.

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Do More ...

... Spend Less

Building Cost-Optimized Storage
Powerful multi-core processors, a tuned software stack, and the right hardware deliver immense value. Delta-V provides the speed boost your applications need at a price point well under $1,000 per usable terabyte.

Committed to the Long Term
Bricking Not Included: Delta-V is designed with open source Linux and standard drivers so that you have the ability to support them in-house, should you so desire. Gone is the possibility of these systems becoming “bricked”—made obsolete as their manufacturer discontinues support—as has happened in the HPC industry so recently. Scalable Informatics systems will continue to run and be supportable regardless of any circumstances external to your business. We do not seek to entrap you with closed systems and keep you beholden to us. Instead, we want you to succeed, see the value of our systems, and come back for more as your business grows.

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Don’t Skimp

Finding a solution within your budget should not compromise your business. By carefully balancing the system and design, Delta-V gets the most from its hardware.

You can receive measured, sustained data transfer rates of over 4 TB/s and greater than 6,000 IOPs in a fully populated 4U Delta-V system.

Part of the Bigger Picture

Delta-V presents storage simultaneously as file-based and iSCSI blocks, with NPS and CIFS/SMB. Units can be aggregated into storage clusters that provide PBs of capacity when using cluster file systems and RAIN designs.

RAID Configurations
Up to 180 TB of usable raw storage capacity is available in RAID6. In addition, RAID 10 configurations can provide reduced usable storage to achieve greater performance for database operations.

Streaming Data
High-speed networking on a budget is possible with Delta-V systems. With demonstrated sustained data transfer rates of 4+ TB/s and greater than 6,000 IOPs, Delta-V combines excellent prices with solid performance.

Clouds and Clusters
When shared storage is required in a rack, Delta-V is the first choice for value and flexibility. Rack Units from 1U to 4U won’t waste space: Scalable Informatics Cloud Solutions.



DV2-F12 DV2-F24 DV4-F24 DV4-F48 DV4-T60
SYSTEM 2U Rack Unit 2U Rack Unit 4U Rack Unit 4U Rack Unit 4U Rack Unit
Raw Storage Capacity (TB) up to 72 TB up to 48 TB up to 96 TB up to 96 TB up to 240 TB
Raw Storage per Rack (42U) up to 1440 TB up to 960 TB up to 960 TB up to 960 TB up to 2,400 TB
Hot-Swappable Hard Disks 12x 3.5" (front-load) 24x 2.5" (front-load) 24x 3.5" (front-load) 48x 2.5" (front-load) 60x 3.5" (top mount)
Operating System Scalable OS (Linux-based)
System Memory 16 GB
Network Ports [default] 2x GbE, 1x 10GbE
[optional] up to 4x 10GbE, up to 2x InfiniBand or 40GbE
Storage Network Options [file based] NFS, SMB/CIFS
[block based] iSCSI target/initiator, SRP/FC target
[cluster file system] BeeGFS, CephFS, Lustre
[object] Ceph, Scality
Interoperates with Linux • Windows • OS X
Standard Warranty • 3 years parts exchange
Warranty Options • Extended Warranty and next business day parts
• Remote support
• Depot on site


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