Hyperconverged NVMe Appliance

Forte Hyperconverged NVMe Appliances provide the fastest NVMe storage in market. With Hadoop®, Ceph©, or BeeGFS® preinstalled, Forte is a rethinking of connectivity between I/O devices and CPU/RAM/network. Forte unlocks hardware efficiencies, capitalizing on its strengths to place incredible speed in your hands:

  • Up to 24 GB/s per unit
  • Up to 6M IOPs per unit

Forte supports the following:

  • Ceph: Object, File and Block Flexibility on OpenStack or Hadoop
  • BeeGFS: Scalable Performance, even on small files
  • Hadoop: reliable, scalable, distributed computing

More Information

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Forte Provides

  • Data motion performance increases
    • Up to 20 GB/s networking
  • More efficient and faster IO
  • Computing local to data (the advantage of hyperconvergence/ tight coupling)
    • NVMe RDMA fabrics
    • NVMe PCIe fabrics
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Scaling Performance

Scalable Informatics purpose-built platforms are crafted for high performance and simplicity of deployment. From end-to-end, each solution is backed by Scalable Informatics’ expertise.


  • Up to 24 gB/s per unit
  • Up to 6M IOPs per unit

The Right Filesystem

Scalable Informatics has extensively tested and tuned the Forte FastPath Appliance for balanced performance of network, compute, and storage. These systems are an expert coupling of hardware, system, and software to deliver the fastest platform and they are ready for expansion. Forte is tuned and optimized for storage.

Ceph, BeeGFS/FhGFS, and HDFS have related architectures, but each filesystem manages metadata and data replication in a slightly different manner. All modern distributed filesystems are dependent upon each system’s local filesystem for performance, correctness, and fault tolerance. Each system is shipped configured by Scalable Informatics for your filesystem and storage configuration.


Ready to Scale

Scalable Informatics Forte appliances are designed and optimized your NVMe storage needs.



Forte 24-bay NVMe
Form Factor 2U Rackmount Unit
Storage Capacity and Performance Up to 24x NVMe front-mount drives
Up to 192 TB per 2U
Up to 24GB/s and 6M IOPs sustained for 4k random I/O
CPU Up to 36x Intel “Haswell” CPU cores
BMC AST2400 with dedicated 1GbE MAC for IPMI 2.0
Network Ports 4x GbE
1-4x 10/ 40/ 100 GbE
1-4 40/ 56/100 EDR IB
Networking Protocol OptionsTCP/IP, RoCE, RDMA/IB, iSCSI/iSER, NVMe RDMA fabric
Network File Systems and Storage BeeGFS, Ceph, NFS, SMB/CIFS
Operating System Scalable Informatics Linux-based appliance OS (SIOS): with support for KVM, containers, OpenVswitch, OpenFlow
Warranty 3-years (standard)
Support Options Remote Support Next Business Day Support Depot Onsite


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