High Performance Storage Appliance

JackRabbit is a tightly-coupled, high performance computing and storage platform that integrates high-speed processing and high bandwidth/ low latency network capability to cut through the most difficult computational problems.

Designed for uncompromisingly high performance and exceptional reliability, JackRabbit platforms are the flexible building block for your most demanding workloads:

  • Block Storage: iSCSI/iSER, SRP, FC
  • File target: NFS, SMB/ CIFS, FTP
  • Big Data Compute and Storage
  • Scale-out Storage: Gluster, Lustre, FhGFS, CEPH

Intel and Scalable Informatics team up to get the most out of Xeon Processors.

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Hyperconverged Compute and Storage

Coupling high-performance computing and fast storage in one appliance removes I/O bottlenecks for greater bandwidth, higher IOPS and increased I/O throughput. JackRabbit provides significantly more data processing power per unit rack space for cloud, cluster, computational, and storage workloads than traditional NAS/SAN systems.

Scalable Informatics provides the fastest platform for traders, media, Big Data, and any HPC application.

JackRabbit provides up to 480 TB in a 4U rack unit, up to 4.8 PB per rack, with up to 70 GB/s per rack to/from spinning disk, and up to 80 GB/s of network bandwidth per rack.

Software-defined storage can be configured with a wide range of solutions, operating systems, networks, and storage devices.

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Real World Workloads

In addition to standard benchmarking measurements, JackRabbit is put through its paces with the same configurations, software setup, tuning, and file sizes that your business will utilize so that you can evaluate its performance in the Real World.

Best performance and price-performance density in market: up to 7,200 MB/s in sustained large block reads and writes, and up to 10k IOPs in 60-bay configuration. Hybrid JackRabbit units are capable of up to 100k IOPs.

Demanding Applications

JackRabbit systems are used worldwide by businesses that need a reliable, cost-effective, high performance platform for storing and processing large amounts of data quickly—including financial services, Big Data, CGI/animation, scientific computing, media services, and academic research.

High Frequency Trading
When microseconds are money, the largest companies choose JackRabbit systems.

Media Streaming
Sustained data rates and a starting price under $1/GB makes JackRabbit the first choice for video and music streaming.

Video Production
Tightly-coupled JackRabbit delivers more Frames per Second for encoding, interactive CGI and rendering environments.

Big Data & HPC Workhorse
JackRabbit is one of the building blocks for Scalable Informatics siCloud Big Data solutions. With thousands of HPC deployments, nothing beats the performance, value, and experience of Scalable Informatics.


JR2-F12 JR4-F24 JR4-T60
Form Factor 2U Rack Unit 4U Rack Unit 4U Rack Unit
Intel Processor Cores up to 36
System Memory up to 1.5 TB
Large Memory Option Supports up to 256 TB
in single shared address space
Storage Capacity 12 - 96 TB 24 - 192 TB 60 - 480 TB
Storage per Rack up to 1.9 PB up to 1.9 PB up to 4.8 PB
Hot-Swappable Data Disks 12x 3.5" (front-load) 24x 3.5" (front-load),
6x 2.5" (rear-load)
60x 3.5" (top-load),
4x 2.5" (rear-load)
Streaming Read/Write Bandwidth in MB/s 1,000 MB/s 2,600 / 2,300 MB/s 7,500 / 7,000 MB/s
RAID Controllers Hardware-accelerated RAID
Network Ports 2-6x GbE
1-2x 10/ 40/ 100 GbE, and/or
0-2x InfiniBand FDR/ EDR
2-14x GbE
1-8x 10/ 40/ 100 GbE, and/or
0-4x InfiniBand FDR/ EDR
2-14x GbE
2-8x 10/ 40/ 100 GbE, and/or
0-4x InfiniBand FDR/ EDR
Networking Protocol Options TCP/IP, RoCCE, RDMA/IB, iSCSI/iSER, FC/FCoE target
Networking File Systems NFS, CIFS
Available Operating Systems Linux, Windows Server 2012 x64, SmartOS, Illumian, OmniOS, OpenIndiana
Standard Warranty 3 years (standard)
Support Options Remote Support Next business day support Onsite depot kit


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