Unison Petabyte
Complete Scale-out Performance Solution

Unison Petabyte (featured at Super Computing as the Portable Petabyte) is a high performance, highly dense, turnkey parallel file system solution that is designed, built, and configured for your needs.

HPC and analytics benefit from Unison Petabyte when powered by BeeGFS©, a parallel file system tailored for high-performance environments. The unique metadata architechure of BeeGFS speeds up file creation, directory stat, and other functions that can slow other platforms down.

Data silos and storage complexity are eliminated in multi-tenancy and Cloud deployments with Unison Petabyte powered by Ceph©. Configured to support object, block, and file storage as well as OpenStack® and Hadoop®, Unison Petabyte Ceph provides maximum storage flexibility.

Unison Appliances are the perfect building block for highly-available clustered storage. Unison Petabyte takes those blocks and builds a complete solution, racked and ready for implementation.

Increase Ceph Performance with Scalable Informatics Unison

This white paper compares the performance of Unison, powered by Ceph, to that of the reference architecture as published by Red Hat. Unison demonstrated speeds of 1.8X for reads and 2.3X for writes versus their performance metrics.

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Turnkey High Performance

Unison Petabyte provides a complete solution:
  • Parallel file system, with integrated Amazon S3 compatible object store, and high performance block storage
  • Distributed mirrored metadata
  • Integrated 100Gb Ethernet or InfiniBand switch fabric
  • Stateless appliance OS
  • Integrated monitoring/alerting
  • Integrated LDAP/AD authentication
  • Integrated connectivity to Amazon S3
  • Installation and Support


Built on Unison Parallel File System Appliances

With almost a decade of production use, Unison systems provide unmatched performance and reliability.

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Built to work with you as well as for you

High performance open source parallel file system
  • Ready to use with native client, NFS or SMB/CIFS
  • Pre-tuned for high performance
  • Simply power on, configure external networking, and install client or mount with NFS/SMB, s3ql/s3fs
Amazon S3-compatible object store
  • v4 API-based
  • Integrated Erasure Code, checksums

High performance block storage

  • Integrated multithreaded iSCSI and SRP servers

All functionality available simultaneously—no switching between modes required!

Distributed mirrored metadata for PFS

  • 3.2TB per pair of systems (6+ billion inodes per pair)

Integrated 100Gb

  • Choice of 100Gb Ethernet or InfiniBand fabric
  • Additional network options are available (1/10/25/40/50/56 Gbps, as well as OPA at additional cost)
  • All cables between local switch and storage nodes provided

Integrated LDAP/AD authentication

Built-in OpenLDAP server with configuration can be tied to existing LDAP/AD environment or used stand-alone

Installation and Support

  • Systems are pre-built, tested, and burned in at our lab
  • Systems are shipped in a known working state, ready for connection
  • Systems are fully installed in your data center / co-location site
  • Systems include remote operational support

Stateless appliance OS

  • Linux-based
  • Boots entirely from PXE—no OS drives to manage
  • Configuration at boot time eliminates configuration drift
  • Always consistent updates/rollbacks
  • Modern kernel, up to date drivers, up to date toolchain/stacks

Integrated Metrics/Monitoring/Alerting (MMA)

  • Standards-based tools
  • Gateways to Nagios/Zabbix/etc.
  • Gateways to InfluxDB, Carbonite, FluentD, Riemann, and more

Integrated connectivity to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Swift, or others

  • Mount object servers as file systems
  • Integrated rclone, s3cmd, and more


Turnkey Success

Scalable Informatics Unison Petabyte complete appliance solutions are preinstalled with metadata, data, and management servers to meet your needs. Each Unison Petabyte solution includes 3 years of remote support and file system support.


HPC/Analytics Configurations

  UPB-1 UPB-2 UPB-4 UPB-8 UPB-16
Capacity 1PB usable 2PB usable 4PB usable 8PB usable 16PB usable
Parallel File System
10 GB/s
sustained read/write
20 GB/s
sustained read/write
40 GB/s
sustained read/write
80 GB/s
sustained read/write
160 GB/s
sustained read/write
Storage Nodes 2x 4x 8x 16x 32x
Storage Node Design
  • 500TB HDD
  • 3.2TB SSD cache
  • 1x 2-port 100Gb VPI EDR/GbE NIC/HBA
  • 4U rack-mount server w/ redundant power
Data Network Options 1x 100Gb Ethernet 32-port switch • 1x InfiniBand 36-port switch 2x 100GbE 32-port switch
• 2x IB 36-port switch
Management Nodes 1x management & monitoring node
Management Network Private management/ monitoring/ command & control network
with integrated monitoring and alerting system, installed and configured
Rack Space Requirements 11U
(1x mini-rack)
(1x mini-rack)
(1x rack)
(2x racks)
(4x racks)
Power Requirements (approximate) 4kW max draw,
2.5kW nominal
7kW max draw,
4.7kW nominal
13kW max draw,
9.1kW nominal
25kW max draw,
18kW nominal
49kW max draw,
35kW nominal
Support and Warranty Installation included
3-year remote operational support included
3-year file system support included
3-year return to depot warranty


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