• Value-priced tightly-coupled storage server
    • Scale out storage with flexibility of targets and networks
    • Superior and reliable performance at an amazing price point
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    Delta-V Product Sheet
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    Combining solid performance with aggressive price points, the Delta-V is a value-priced storage series lets you do more while you spend less.

    Using software RAID, powerful multi-core processors, and a tuned software stack, Delta-V delivers amazing speed and the superior reliability your work requires, without exceeding budget restrictions that often stall computing projects.

    Delta V presents storage simultaneously as file-based and iSCSI blocks, with NPS and CIFS/SMB. Units can be aggregated into storage clusters that provide PBs of capacity when using cluster file systems and RAIN designs. Up to 180 TB of usable raw storage capacity is available in RAID6. In addition, RAID 10 configurations can provide reduced usable storage to achieve greater performance for database operations.

    With demonstrated sustained data transfer rates of 1500+ MB/s and greater than 2000 IOPs, Delta-V combines excellent prices with solid performance.

    Features & Benefits


    Tightly-Coupled Compute & Storage Removes I/O bottlenecks for greater streaming data bandwidth, higher IOPS and I/O throughput.
    PerformanceBest performance and price performance density in market. Measured sustained data transfer rates of over 4000 MB/s and greater than 6,000 IOPs in 60 bay configuration
    FlexibilitySoftware Defined Storage that interoperates with a wide range of operating systems including Linux, Windows, and OSX.

    Works with a wide range of networking protocols such as TCP/IP, RoCCE, RDMA/IB, FC/FCoE, etc. Usable as a block target/initiator for iSCSI, and target for SRP and FC and file target for NFS, SMP/CIFS, and Cluster Filesystems like GlusterFS, Ceph, Lustre, FhGFS, PVFS2, OCFS2,etc. Works with SATA and SAS disks. Has configurations with 10 GbE, 40 GbE, InfiniBand (QDR/FDR/EDR) and FCx8/x16 ports for storage network connections.
    ReliabilityMultiple RAID options, including RAID6, RAID10, and parallel/distributed file systems. Redundant power supplies.
    NetworkingMulti-port 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet and optional Infiniband capability.
    Form factorAvailable in rackmount configurations : 2U 12 and 24 bay front load, and 4U 24 and 48 bay front and 60 bay top load. 60 bay units require 1200mm depth rack.
    Support Bricking is not included™. 3 year return to depot, onsite depot support option, remote support option. Next business day parts exchange option. On-site support options available.
    ScalabilityProvide up to 360TB in a 4U rack unit, up to 3.6 raw PB/rack.