Extreme Performance Storage Appliance

siFlash slices through the data bandwidth wall and demolishes the IOP barrier!

Architected and optimized to remove latency and improve performance on any workload, siFlash delivers the fastest random reads, writes, and networks possible. Applications always have enough IOPs when deployed on siFlash. Make tightly-coupled compute and flash an integral part of your flash strategy and eliminate bottlenecks.

siFlash can be deployed as a Storage Array or as an Application Platform:

  • Block: iSCSI/iSER, SRP, FC
  • File: NFS, SMB/ CIFS, FTP
  • Scale-out Storage: Gluster, Lustre, BeeGFS/FhGFS, Ceph
  • Big Data Compute and Storage
  • Risk Analysis
  • High Frequency Trading
  • Accelerated Database

siFlash proves to be fastest at stock tracking and market analysis:

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Hyperconverged Compute and Storage

Applications run faster without I/O bottlenecks. By tightly-coupling compute and storage, siFlash provides significantly more data processing power for any workload.

Extreme Performance
siFlash provides the fastest measured sustained performance for stream and random I/O for end user applications, in market, bar none. Up to 60 GB/s sustained reads and writes, and up to 4M IOPs in 64 bay configuration.

Easily Scalable
With an entry point lower than you'd expect and densities higher than you'd imagine, there is a siFlash that meets the price, performance, and capacity you need.

System Options
Combine ultra-quick siFlash storage with larger fast storage, and you can create a system that provides excellent performance and vast backup capabilities!

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Rack-Mountable Lightning

Raw Power
Random reads and writes exceeding 950k IOPs to and from storage using 8k block sizes and a 30% write mixture.

Incredible Throughput
siFlash Demonstrated 7+ GB/s for NFS, file and web service.

Fastest in 10 of 17 STAC® Benchmarks

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Applications that Scream

siFlash systems are the first choice for any database or random I/O workload.

Financial Services
Excellent for real-time risk and market analysis.

Time Series Database
Get performance on siFlash, or simplicity for kdb+® with our Cadence FastPath Appliance.

Clustered Storage
Speed up clustered, Big Data storage with sifFlash as your Metadata Server or Hadoop® Name Node

  SF2-F24 SF4-F48 SF4-T64
Form Factor 2U rack unit 4U rack unit 4U rack unit
Intel Processor Cores up to 36 cores
System Memory up to 1.5TB
Large Memory Option Supports up to 256 TB
in single shared address space
Storage Capacity 4.8–96 TB 9.6–208 TB 24–248 TB
Maximum Streaming Bandwidth 24 GB/s 48 GB/s 60 GB/s
Maximum IOPs (4kB 70% read, 30% write) 1.5M IOPs 3M IOPs 4M IOPs
Storage per Rack up to 1.9PB up to 2.0PB up to 2.5PB
Hot-Swappable Solid State Drives 24x 2.5" (front-load) 48x 2.5" (front-load)
6x 2.5" (rear-load)
60x 3.5" (top-load)
4x 2.5" (rear-load)
Network Ports 2–6 GbE 1–2 10/ 40/ 100 GbE and/or 0–2 InfiniBand FDR/EDR 2–14 GbE 1–8 10/ 40/ 100 GbE and/or 0–4 InfiniBand FDR/EDR 2–14 GbE 2–8 10/ 40/ 100 GbE and/or 0–4 InfiniBand FDR/EDR
Available Operating Systems Server OS: Linux, Windows Server 2008/2012 x64
OpenSolaris: SmartOS, OmniOS, OpenIndiana
Network Protocol Options TCP/IP, RoCE, RDMA/IB, iSCSI/iSER, FC/FCoE target
Network File Systems NFS, SMB/CIFS
Warranty 3-years (standard)
Support Options Remote support Next business day support Onsite depot kit


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Extreme performance storage appliance



High performance storage appliance



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