Support Services Keeping you in business

Scalable Informatics provides top-notch support for our customers, with modular support offerings to customize the level of support for your needs.

Hardware Support

Scalable Informatics offers multiple levels of support for high performance computing and storage infrastructure. Our primary objective is to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency and to return systems to operational functionality as soon as possible.

Remote Support Options

Offering technical support by telephone, e-mail, and via VPN in the following flavors:

  • Remote Support Option Standard [SI-Support-RSO]: 8×5 support during normal business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time, Monday-Friday)
  • Remote Support Option Advanced [SI-Support-RSOA]: 12×7 support (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, local time, Sunday-Saturday)
  • Remote Support Option Advanced Plus [SI-Support-RSOA+]: 24×7 support

Additional hours are available individually on a per-hour rate or in pre-purchased blocks of time. Contact us for more information.

Additional Support Options

  • Monthly Support Block Option [SI-Support-MSB] offers 20 hours per month additional support for operations.
  • Remote Management System [SI-Support-RMS] offers an onsite, hardware management infrastructure (server, switches, serial support) to facilitate access to equipment and speed problem resolution. This option complements our Remote Support Options and cannot be purchased individually.
  • Onsite Support Option [SI-Support-OSO] provides a technician who will travel to the customer site to provide problem remediation. Cost for this option is per day, plus travel and materials.
  • Advance Replacement Option [SI-Support-ARO] provides next-business-day parts replacement, when available. Parts not in stock will be shipped from our suppliers at earliest possible moment. For customers outside of North America, we will work with local suppliers for as-soon-as-possible replacement parts fulfillment. Cost for this option is typically 10% of system purchase price.
  • Depot Support Option [SI-Support-DSO] provides on-site stocking of parts with a higher probability of failure (usually moving parts). This option is highly recommended, as most parts are field replaceable. Cost for this option varies based on hard drive capacity/cost, and typically includes 2 HDDs in hot-swap trays, 1 hot-swappable power supply module (PSM), and 2 fans, with parts uplifts available.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Options

  • Configuration Snapshot Support [SI-Support-CSS] provides post-configuration mirror of OS drive/configuration for fast imaging. Includes hardware for imaging new OS drives from snapshot, as well as USB drive with snapshot storage and script.
  • Remote Data Mirroring Option [SI-Support-RDM] provides remote live replication of stored data for continuous data protection, done on a per server and per TB transferred basis.
  • Cold Spare Option [SI-Support-CSO] provides an additional unit fully configured, but powered off until needed (so as not to be included in license cost calculations).

Infrastructure Architecture Support

There is much more to building high performance computing and storage systems than simply throwing a few servers together and calling it a “supercomputer.” You need a system that works simply, effectively, and quickly.

With a combined four decades of experience, Scalable Informatics has the expertise to custom-design or re-engineer your computing and storage infrastructure to make your business and projects a success.

We offer a complete range of Infrastructure Architecture services that are customized to your specific needs and goals, including:

  • Infrastructure Survey
  • Needs Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Architecture Design & Build
  • Integration & Implementation
  • Support



Remote Systems Management

Our Remote Systems Management services provide a level of expertise to help you efficiently run, maintain, diagnose, and enhance your high performance computing and storage systems. This way, you can stay focused on running your company — not your IT Department.

We will customize a service program to your needs rather than force you to shoehorn a fixed offering into your situation. Our goal is to reduce the mean time to solution as much as possible, not to have a menu-reader call you back “within four hours.”

Our Remote System Management services are available for all hardware, whether purchased from Scalable Informatics, our partners, or another company.

We also provide on-site systems management assistance.


Our consulting capabilities span the range from holistic strategic planning and design, through tactical project-focused efforts. Our consulting goals are to help you define and achieve your objectives in a reasonable time scale, at a reasonable cost. Whether this is large scale storage and computational platform and environment architecture, or focused code tuning/rewriting, we bring the best resources to bear, either within Scalable, or through our many partner organizations.

To learn more about our Consulting Services, call +1 734 786 8423 or use our contact form.