Scale-Out Performance Appliance

Unison Appliances are the perfect building block for highly-available clustered storage. With Hadoop®, Ceph©, or BeeGFS® file system preinstalled, Unison achieves the right balance of metadata performance and data throughput.

The Unison Parallel File System Appliance, powered by Ceph, is configured to support object, block, and file storage, as well as OpenStack® and Hadoop® for maximum storage flexibility. Eliminate data silos and storage complexity with a solution built specifically for multi-tenancy and Cloud.

The Unison Parallel File System Appliance, powered by BeeGFS, is tailored for high-performance environments. Complex directories and small files are not a problem with Unison BeeGFS. The unique metadata architecture speeds up file creation, directory stat, and other functions that slow other platforms down.

The Unison Parallel File System Appliance, powered by Hadoop provides reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Map/Reduce distributes jobs for scale and takes advantage of data locality on each server, and data nodes are tuned and balanced with optimal memory to support the Hadoop JVM environment.

  • Ceph: Object, File and Block Flexibility on OpenStack or Hadoop
  • BeeGFS: Scalable Performance, even on small files
  • Reliability Scaled-Out
  • No Bottleneck Architecture
  • Native Linux, NFS and CIFS/SMB clients

Increase Ceph Performance with Scalable Informatics Unison

This white paper compares the performance of Unison, powered by Ceph, to that of the reference architecture as published by Red Hat. Unison demonstrated speeds of 1.8X for reads and 2.3X for writes versus their performance metrics.

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The High Performance Payoff: Successful Bioinformatics Strategies

Here are two case studies that illustrate how properly engineered storage systems can achieve industry-leading performance and open new vistas for bioinformatics researchers.

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Scalable Filesystems

Increase capacity and performance easily and without downtime. Whether it is adding disks, clients, servers, controllers, or consoles, every element in Unison is built to scale. Unison eliminates data silos and storage complexity with a robust solution that lets you access massive data sets quickly and reliably.

OpenStack and Hadoop Integration
OpenStack Cloud, Swift, Glance, and Cinder integration is out-of-the-box easy with Unison and Ceph. Not only can it be the back-end of OpenStack, but also a stand-alone unified storage cluster. Unison with Ceph supports object, block, and file storage for maximum storage flexibility.

Built for Speed
Unison with BeeGFS is designed to be the fastest distributed file system available. This is storage packed with performance features such as distributed POSIX locking and native IB/RDMA, and a mature full-featured GUI to simplify management, monitoring, and expansion.

Reliability Scaled-Out
The Parallel File Solution distributes data for reliability and performance. With almost a decade of production use, these systems are rock solid.

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Scaling Performance

Scalable Informatics purpose-built platforms are crafted for high performance and simplicity of deployment. From end-to-end, each solution is backed by Scalable Informatics’ expertise.

Bandwidth Scaling
Distributed, parallel storage adds performance with each capacity node. The underlying hardware, networks, and Linux filesystem must also be tuned for the workloads, however.

Ideal for Cloud deployments with heavy parallel read requirements such as VM images, Ceph’s intelligent object model replicates data and balances workloads to deliver performance where you need it.

For bandwidth heavy applications, such as sequential reads and writes, BeeGFS/FhGFS benchmarks to near perfect scaling. In European testing on a 20-server cluster with 160 clients, BeeGFS achieved 94.7% and 94.1% of theoretical maximum.

Metadata Scaling
Unlike other distributed file systems, BeeGFS metadata performance scales with servers. In the same configuration of 20 storage servers, 500,000 files could be created per second and over 1.38 million file stats were reached. A solution of 20 Unison BeeGFS appliances could create 1 billion files in approximately half an hour.

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The Right Filesystem

Scalable Informatics has extensively tested and tuned the Unison FastPath Appliance for balanced performance of network, compute, and storage. These systems are an expert coupling of hardware, system, and software to deliver the fastest platform and they are ready for expansion. Unison is tuned and optimized for storage from terabytes to petabytes.

Ceph, BeeGFS/FhGFS, HDFS, and GlusterFS have related architectures, but each filesystem manages metadata and data replication in a slightly different manner. All modern distributed filesystems are dependent upon each system’s local filesystem for performance, correctness, and fault tolerance. Each system is shipped configured by Scalable Informatics for your filesystem and storage configuration.


Ready to Scale

Scalable Informatics Unison appliances are preinstalled with metadata, data, and management servers to meet your scaling needs. Unison appliances can be scaled to mult-PB installations.



Unison Flash Unison Hybrid Unison Disk
Form Factor Rack-mount units in configurations of 2–10 servers per rack with management node
Capacity per Rack
   • up to 10 machines per rack
up to 9.7 PB up to 6.0 PB up to 6.0 PB
Max Capacity
   • up to 81 racks per fully populated system
up to 780 PB up to 486 PB up to 486 PB
Performance per Rack
   • 10 machines per rack
up to 300 GB/s R/W
up to 10M IOPs

( 30 GB/s • 1M+ IOPs per machine )
up to 100 GB/s R/W
up to 5M IOPs

( 10 GB/s • 500k IOPs per machine )
up to 70 GB/s R/W
up to 50k IOPs

( 7 GB/s • 5k IOPs per machine )
Networking Gigabit Ethernet management fabric • 40GbE, Infiniband FDR/ EDR, or 100GbE connectivity
Storage Options Reliable Block, Object, Posix File System
Supported File Systems Ceph BeeGFS (FhGFS) Hadoop Lustre
Used For Big Data HPC Cold/ Archive Storage File System Cloud
Warranty 3-years (standard)
Support Options Remote Support Next Business Day Support Depot Onsite

Choosing Distributed Storage

Listen to an interview with Scalable Informatics CEO, Joe Landman, on choosing the right distributed storage platform.

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Scale-Out Performance Appliance